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Arkiva Tropika is the online archive of the collection of Mimi Payne. This large collection includes a wide array of mostly pre-1970 menus, postcards, matchbooks, and paper ephemera souvenir items, mainly from Polynesian and other Exotic themed restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, bars, and the like.

Mimi can be contacted at aloha@

souvenir photo folder from Ruby Foo's Beachcomber - Providence, RI

Item added on September 3, 2009, 8:40 AM
Latest picture added on September 3, 2009, 8:42 AM

This Ruby Foo's Beachcomber souvenir photo folder is from the collection of Jane Garnett, who kindly supplied the images and history below. Thank you, Jane !

Photo I.D., left to right:

Leroy Beck, Ginnie Beck, Barbara Jones, Jackson Jones, Sophia Nichols, Ernest Nichols, ____ Anderson , Anderson's wife, ___ Hemington, Eddie Grace, Al Goldberg

All the sailors in the photo were on the ship LST-504, which made 13 crossings of the English Channel on 6/6/44. Their wives would frequently follow the ship up the eastern coast, meeting their loved ones in cities such as Providence, Boston, NYC, etc., when they had leave from the ship. This photo is from Feb 1945, during of these occasions, at Ruby Foo's location in Providence, RI.

1945 souvenir photo folder, from the collection of Jane Garnett
1945 souvenir photo folder, from the collection of Jane Garnett

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