Of COURSE there are hard POGS in the world!

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If you read the headline and said "what is a POG" then this is of zero interest to you. However, if you are fond of the wonderful Passion Fruit, Orange and Guava mixture as I was when I visited the islands, the notion that there is a hard (meaning alcoholic) version of this out in the world may bring a smile to your eye, or a tear depending on how you feel about things like White Claw and what they have done to our standards in regards to drinking in this country.

For the uninitiated POG juice is a very sweet concoction that adding booze to will either be a good or bad thing. We here at ArkivaTropika are writing about these beverages more out of a sense of completeness and a duty to inform and are not making a statement one way or the other about the quality of these drinks. Once I went to a bar and ordered a Mai Tai and what I was served looked and tasted more like a super sweet POG concoction with a shot or two of some low-end rum, so I am predisposed to not like these but will give them a chance if they show up in our local stores.

Here are some we have heard about

Kona Brewing Company POG Seltzer - 5% ABV, this was touted as a limited release. 

Maui Hard Seltzer also has a spiked POG seltzer. No ABV was listed on this page but the picture of the can says 5% ABV.

Scofflaw Brewing Company touts their seltzers for coming in 16oz cans so, as they say, 33%more seltzer per can. We think that is a bit apples and oranges, but we live in strange times. They are also brewed in Atlanta so they might be easier to find on the mainland.


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