Las Vegas Stardust Hotel Roadside Sign Men's T Shirt


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100& Cotton T-Shirt Original Design Printed Direct-To-Garment in the United States.

The Startdust Hotel was an iconic Las Vegas hotel on the strip that housed, among other things, the famed Aku Aku tiki bar/restaurant whose teo giant Moai's gaurded it's entrance for years. This shirt reproduces the famed roadside sign which was originally contructed in 1967. Thousands and thosands of tiny lights lit this sign, this particular graphic was hand draw (well, on a computer) using a photo of the sign as a reference, hence you will see som of the twinkly stars are half on and half off.

Printed direct direct-to-garment using watewr based inks on a 100% cotton t-shirt for a long-lasting print.

Brand:TeeGeniuses/ArkivaTropika Size Type:Regular Manufacture:TeeGeniuses/ArkivaTropika