Tiki Bar Restaurant T-Shirt Mark Thomas' Outrigger Monterey, CA Matchbook Reprod

Arkiva Tropika/TeeGeniuses

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Mark Thomas' Outrigger began it's life on Cannery Row in Monterey, CA in about 1959. Somewhere along the line a fire engulfed the tiki bar and restaurant and it was rebuilt, soon after becoming Mark Thomas' Outrigger, probably reflecting a change in ownership and perhaps attempting to rebuild the brand or separate it from the various other restaurants named Outrigger throughout the state.

The image on the shirt comes from the front of a matchbook from the tiki bar in its Mark Thomas days. A very cool design on the front featuring graphic elements that conjure up the idea of ocean waves (I would have made them blue, but hey the algae in the water in the Monterey Bay sometimes makes the ocean look green). The back of the matchbook had what I would assume was a graphic element depicting a pier or a wharf. It makes sense when you stare at it, but honestly it seems ugly to me so was not included in the shirt design.

As a place that was semi-local to me (we are in San Jose, CA) I visited the Outrigger more than a few times before it closed and was renamed The Fish Hopper in the mid-nineties. The Outrigger had the virtue of being a tiki and nautically themed place that actually did look out onto the pacific ocean. That alone made it cool.

The image on the shirt was digitally redrawn from a small image on a matchbook. Cleaned up and re-colored, this shirt has no artifacts or other digital blemishes that often accompany this kind of product. It is, for all intents and purposes, a brand new piece of artwork. If you see this shirt offered for sale on Amazon for under $9 you are more than likely buying a bootleg version of our design sold by pirates in China.

Printed on  100% ringspun cotton t-shirt using our own full color direct-to-garment printer, this is a high quality print that will last you for some time. Check out our reviews!

Brand:Arkiva Tropika/TeeGeniuses Size Type:Regular Sleeve Length:Short Sleeve Style:Graphic Tee Theme:tiki Material:100% Ring Spun Cotton