Who We Are!

Many people recall fondly a website called ArkivaTropika which was just what it sounds like, an archive of old menu art and the like relating to tiki restaurants of days-gone-by. I was not those people and I never knew who they were. All I know is I used the website often for reference and the like. Grog Log Cover

The story brings us to a point where the site has disappeared and there is a parked FOR SALE image on it indicating that the domain was for sale. So I bought it thinking I might combine their archival efforts with my own apparel and publishing efforts.

Which brings me to who I am. My name is Dan Vado and most tikiphiles will know me as the original publishler of the Beach Bum Berry  line of cocktail recipe books. Many of you who are comic book fans might also know me as the owner of SLG Publishing, an indy comics and graphic novel publisher known for publishing (among an endless number of people) Jhonen Vasquez creator of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Invader Zim.

My love for comics, tiki and all things just generally fun has guided me professionaly for over 30 years and most of the time you will find me sitting in my music venue, The Art Boutiki Music Hall in San Jose CA.

I hope you will find some enjoyment in this site. Slowly I am bringin back the things that people loved about the old Arkiva site, which was the lookbook of old matchbooks and menus (many of which we use for reference for our t-shirt line) and that you might support our efforts here by purchasing a shirt or poster.


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